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Famous people that wear our products

President Arafat
President Arafat of Palestine.
(See our Palestine/Australia pin PL540 on Arafat uniform
President Mandela
President Mandela of South Africa with Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness of Ireland
President dasilva of Brazil. (See our Palestine scarf PL541 around Da Silva neck
President Hugo Chavez
President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. (See our Palestine scarf PL541 around Chavez neck
Adela Che Guevara (Daughter of Che Guevara) wearing the Palestine scarf PL541 around her neck.
Ronaldo de Lima (Brazilian soccer player) wearing our Palestine scarf PL541 around his neck.
Pope Benadictus XVI
Pope Benadictus XVI trying our Palestine scarf PL521
Farouk Qadoumi
Palestinian Leader Farouk Qadoumi
wearing our Palestine scarf PL521
Daniel Ortega
Daniel Ortega , President of Nicaragua
wearing our Palestine scarf PL521

Several people in Malaysia wearing our item
PL620 - Palestine hat  
Natioanl Palestine Football team
Players of the Natioanl Palestine Football team wearing our PL541 item. 

Famous News networks that use our products

PL535 using our item PL535 in their reporting.
The Palestinian Information Center using our item PL517 in their reporting.
SSNP.NET using our item  PL535 in their reporting
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